Join Enlighten Mobility in raising awareness to help advance healthcare initiatives that will create meaningful change for people with Cerebral Palsy (CP) all year.

According to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, CP is the most common lifelong motor disability, impacting more than one million Americans and over 17 million worldwide.

With no known cure for CP, and the number of people affected expected to increase, clinical research remains key to improving quality of life for people with CP — and now, there is some new hope.

Thanks to the work of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation Early Detection and Intervention Network comprised of top U.S. children’s hospitals, the age of CP diagnosis has been lowered from approximately two years of age to 9.5 months, which means earlier intervention for better long-term outcomes.

Enlighten Mobility is working alongside the Early Detection and Intervention Network to develop the GMat, the first automated non-invasive neuromotor screening for newborns, licensed by Nationwide Children’s Hospital — and remains committed to finding ways to advance development and recovery for people with CP and all individuals.

Here’s how you can help make a difference with Cerebral Palsy awareness:

  1. Learn about CP and raise awareness by exploring the library of Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fact Sheets
  2. Subscribe to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation YouTube Channel for just the right balance of information and entertainment
  3. Join the conversation by following @cerebralpalsyfoundation on Facebook, yourcpf on Instagram use the hashtag #GoGreen4CP
  4. Promote inclusion in school, taking a cue from the Just Say Hi program that encourages students to start with something small
  5. Download the CP Channel on the App Store
  6. Support the Cerebral Palsy Foundation by volunteering, donating or raising funds in your community