Advances in Early Detection and Intervention with Dr. Nathalie Maitre

From leading breakthrough research on high-risk infants to working alongside Enlighten Mobility, Nathalie Maitre, M.D., Ph.D., is advancing early detection and intervention. As co-chair of the Early Cerebral Palsy E-Health Summit, Dr. Maitre previews the next milestone in early detection.

Meet COO Adrian Rodriguez

Gearing up for two product launches, COO Adrian Rodriguez has been on the go. As Enlighten Mobility’s lead engineer, Rodriguez drives product design, development and manufacturing – fueled by the goal to deliver patient empowerment.

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Enlighten Mobility Awarded Ohio Third Frontier Grant

February 15, 2021|

Enlighten Mobility awarded $150,000 grant by Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Start-Up Fund to develop GMat Neuromotor Screening licensed through Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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