Enlighten Mobility is a healthtech startup that develops innovative, data-driven mobility care solutions. We lead with clinical research, working alongside patients, caregivers and clinicians to drive innovation for screening and rehabilitation technologies.

Having suffered temporary unilateral immobility and experiencing firsthand the lack of effective solutions for her own recovery, founder Marissa Koscielski set out to challenge the status quo of mobility care, which remains the mission of Enlighten Mobility.

With a shared passion for improving quality of life through early intervention, our team is guided by industry-leading advisors from University of Notre Dame, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Emory University School of Medicine.

EDNA is the first technology in a robust product pipeline that includes the Enlighten GT Advanced Gait Trainer with neuromodulation integration, biofeedback augmented reality and at-home endurance gait training to support telehealth. Enlighten Mobility is a catalyst for patient empowerment, advancing medicine through motion.